High School

Policies and Procedures

Attendance Policy

Mission: The relentless and continuous pursuit of the Vital Three; Academic Rigor, Extraordinary care for the welfare of each student, and Professional excellence, in order to maximize student achievement.

Our Mission can be realized when students regularly attend school at least 90% of the school year.

Excused absences defined:*

  • Illness or bereavement (A health provider’s note may be required if a student is chronically absent.)
  • Religious holiday
  • Pre-arranged extended vacations with one week prior approval. A Pre-arranged Absence form must be signed by all teachers and submitted for review seven calendar days prior to the intended absence.

* Absences for other reasons may be accepted as excused as long as total absences do not exceed 10% of the school year.

What you need to know about absences:

  1. Parents/guardians and school administrators have a legal obligation to ensure students attend school regularly.*
  2. Students absent 10% of a school year will meet with staff to discuss ways to improve attendance.
  3. Parents cannot excuse on-campus absences or tardies.
  4. Two missed class periods in a day will result in a full day absence.
  5. Eight tardy marks will result in a full day absence.
  6. Students who leave campus without checking out with the Attendance Office will be considered skipping (unexcused absence and closed campus violation).
  7. Students a minimum of ten minutes late for class are considered absent; however, they must still attend class.
  8. Students who leave class for ten minutes or more may be marked absent.

*(IMPORTANT NOTE: New state and/or county laws and guidelines require the school to schedule a conference with parents when a student has two unexcused absences.)

How to excuse absences:

  1. Parent/guardian must call the 24hr attendance voicemail (530-1429) the day of the absence and leave a detailed message including parent/guardian’s name, student’s name, time, date, phone number and reason for absence. Messages must be received within 48 hours of the date of the absence to be considered excused. Unexcused absences may result in “no credit” for missed work.
  2. If you receive an automated message, call the attendance line (530-1429) within 48 hours and leave a detailed message (see #1). If the absence was an error, it is the student’s responsibility to follow up with his/her teacher and bring a note to the Attendance Office signed by the teacher to correct his/her absence.
  3. If a student will arrive to school late, call the attendance line (see #1) or provide the student with a note to take to the Attendance Office upon arrival.
  4. For planned absences of 3 or more days, complete the Pre-arranged Absence Form available in the Attendance Office. It must be submitted to the Main Office for review seven calendar days prior to the intended office. Failure to do so may result in unexcused absences.
  5. If you are going out of town and will be leaving your student in the care of someone else, for safety’s sake, please let the Attendance Office know the dates you will be gone along with the caregiver’s name and contact information.

Leaving/returning to campus during school day:

  1. Students must have parent/guardian permission before leaving campus and must obtain an off-campus pass from the Attendance Office. They must then check into the Attendance Office upon returning.
  2. Students feeling ill at school must go to the Health Room, and the Health Technician/Nurse will call home.
  3. Students expecting a parent/guardian to excuse them to leave campus must check with the Attendance Office to confirm a call was received and to get a pass. Dial 530-1428 to speak to the Attendance Specialist directly.

Building Security

To ensure high safety standards for all:

  • Most entries/exits of GHHS will be locked promptly at 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and remain locked every weekend
  • The only doors that will have unlocked access to the building later than 3:00 p.m. will be those main front and back doors to the commons (beside each gym).
  • If there are no events in the building on a certain evening, the doors to the commons will also be locked.
  • The 100’s level doors are to remain locked at all times.
  • Any locked doors must not be propped open by students or staff.

We realize that this means that it will be necessary to walk farther to get into the building, should you park in certain areas of the parking lot. However, locking these doors is a crucial part of ensuring safety for staff, students and the community. Thank you for your support and cooperation in upholding this policy.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Use of electronic devices during class time for purposes other than those pre‐approved by the teacher, may result in the device being confiscated and held by administration.

Closed Campus Policy

Students are expected to remain on campus from the time they arrive at GHHS, until their regular school hours are completed. Students who need to leave campus during the school day must checkout through the health room or attendance office. Qualifying seniors may leave campus for lunch if they have an approved “Off Campus Lunch Pass”. Students are not allowed to bring “guests” or “visitors” on campus between 7am and 2pm.

Gig Harbor High School (GHHS) is a closed campus. Just what is a closed campus? Closed campus means no student can leave school during normal school hours (for GHHS that would be 7:30 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.) without the proper authority or pass.

Proper authority means that the student has on their school schedule a program which allows them to leave campus. These include Early dismissal, Running Start, West Sound Tech, On Line Classes, Work Site Learning or Elementary Tutoring. These programs have been approved by school administrators. There are also times when certain classes have projects that allow the students to leave campus. A Pass to leave campus usually comes from one of two sources; the Attendance Office or the Health Room. To obtain a pass to leave campus from the attendance office, you as a parent need to either call the attendance line or have your student bring a note to school before or on the day of the planned absences or appointment. The attendance secretary will then issue a pass for your student to leave campus. Please remember we do not interrupt classes by delivering notes unless it is an emergency or your student is unaware of the appointment. It is your student's responsibility to pickup the pass from the attendance office prior to the appointment time. If a student is sick then they are required to check into the health room and be screened by our health professionals. If it is determined by the health professionals that the student needs to go home, they will call you or someone on your emergency list to come pick them up. If your student drives, he or she will be allowed to drive themselves home if we call and receive permission from you or a guardian.

One other way that a student may leave campus during the day is if they are a senior and have qualified for a Lunch Pass. Lunch passes are only given to seniors who have filled out the proper application and have qualified for this privilege. The lunch pass only allows the student to leave campus during the designated lunch periods. Students who violate our Closed Campus policy by trying and/or leaving campus without the proper authority face possible disciplinary action under school policy. Please make sure that your student understands his or her responsibility in this matter. If you have any questions you can contact Theresa Fee, the Attendance Secretary, at 530-1428 or Kevin Entze, Security Specialist, at 530-1410.

Deliveries/Telephone Messages

Deliveries and telephone messages are a disruption to the learning process. Parents should only call in a true emergency. Messages and homework, lunches, etc. will not be delivered to students during class time. Please let your student know that if they have forgotten an item, they can pick it up in the brown cabinet in the office during passing times.

Dress Code

On ALL School Days and at all school events: Do not wear clothing or accessories that present a health or safety hazard, damage school property, promote/display substances or actions illegal for high school age students, promote/ display weapons or violence, degrade others, have topics/images that are offensive, are inappropriate for the workplace, or disrupt the educational process in any way. Clothes must cover midriff, cleavage and undergarments. As students are standing, shorts and skirts need to go beyond the tips of the hands when arms are fully extended at their sides. No strapless tops. Faces need to be uncovered/visible. No bandannas. No clothing or accessories that are associated with gang affiliation.

GHHS Name and Logo Use on Clothing/Advertisement/Publications

Any use of the logo or name of Gig Harbor High School on any clothing, publication, video or advertisement must have approval of the school administration prior to its use. Also, any flyers posted or distributed on campus must have prior administrative approval, this includes advertising for senior project activities.

Health Room

The Health Room is located in the main office. Students who are ill, injured or need to go home should report to the Health Room. Parents will be contacted before a student is given permission to leave the school grounds. Parents are encouraged to keep the school informed of their student's medical conditions and update emergency contact information.

New students are required, by law, to present a Certificate of Immunization Status upon enrollment. Immunization records of all current students are kept in the Health Room.

Medications are not supplied by the school. If a student is in need of medication, parents should contact the health room staff for appropriate permission forms and instructions.

  • Prescription medications must be kept in the health room and administered by school staff with parent and physician written permission. (forms are available from the health room or the school website)
  • Over the counter medications may be carried by students in grades 9‐12 provided:
    • He/she carries written permission form parent/guardian indicating the name of the OTC (over the counter) medication and the dosage the student may take. (forms are available from the health room or the school website)
    • Only the school day’s supply of OTC medication is carried
    • The OTC medication is in the original package or container
    • Students may not share any medication with others.

Students may call home from the health room and/or parents may come to school and administer any medication.

Lost and Found

Clothing is turned in near the attendance office. Books are turned into the library. All valuables such as cell phones, jewelry, wallets, purses, glasses and dental appliances are kept in the main office. Unclaimed articles will be donated to charity.


Students may choose to have a locker assigned. The school does not guarantee the security of lockers. *To avoid theft, students must lock belongings in their lockers and not give out the combination. Lost or stolen property is not the responsibility of the school.

Students in PE will be assigned a locker. Under no circumstances should a student leave any valuables in the general PE locker room area. Students supply their own locks. All possessions must be locked up in the PE locker. Students are responsible for the contents of their locker.

Off Campus Lunch Pass

Only seniors in academic standing (on track to graduate with 18 credits) and no less than 90% attendance in the previous school year are allowed to apply for a lunch pass. Parents must come to school in person to sign the permission form. Seniors must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA. Lunch passes are $10.00. Any student abusing the privilege will have their off campus pass revoked. Any disciplinary action that results in suspension will revoke pass. No senior who was suspended for exceptional misconduct during the prior school year is eligible to apply for OFF CAMPUS LUNCH PASS. Previous attendance records including excessive tardies and unexcused absences will be considered before approval of your off campus pass. When off campus at lunch, students will behave in a responsible manner. Unsafe driving practices on campus may result in loss of parking privilege as well as off‐campus lunch pass. Running Start students coming and going from campus will not be affected by this policy, but should carry a copy of their schedule.

Parking Lot

The school does not assume liability for cars that use the GHHS parking lots. The parking lot is off‐limits during the school day. As such, students are not allowed to go to their cars during school hours. Note: Running Start students are expected to park in the student lot at all times‐ Not in the “visitor” section.

    1. All students who attend classes at Gig Harbor High School (GHHS) and who drive a vehicle to school are required to have a valid GHHS parking permit for that vehicle; and this permit must be clearly displayed in the vehicle. (Exception would be those students who are enrolled in Running Start on a full time basis) Parking permits can be obtained in the bookkeeper’s office. Students who fail to obtain a GHHS parking permit will have their vehicles ticketed and/or impounded.
    2. During school hours, 7:00 AM till 2:30 PM, all students will park in the designated student parking area only (see map in bookkeeper’s office). Any student vehicle found parked in staff parking areas or in the visitor’s parking lot located in front of the school during school hours will be ticketed and/or impounded.
    3. The speed limit in the school parking lot shall be 10 MPH. Students who drive or park in a negligent or reckless manner could lose their parking privileges and face being cited by the Gig Harbor Police Department.
    4. All students are expected to park in designated student parking spaces only and are required to obey all posted restrictive signs i.e. Fire Lanes, Disabled Parking and other No Parking zones. Vehicles found parked in any of these restricted areas will be ticketed and/or impounded.
    5. On‐campus student parking is a privilege granted by GHHS and the Peninsula School District. Students who violate School and/or District rules, policies or state traffic laws could lose their parking privileges as well as have their vehicles ticketed and/or impounded.


  First Offense $25.00 Fine and/or Impoundment
  Second Offense $50.00 Fine and/or Impoundment
  Third Offense $200.00 Fine and Impoundment

NOTE: On‐going violations of school rules could result in the loss of your on campus parking privileges.

  1. All student vehicles parked on campus are subject to search based on school and district policy.

Running Start (R.S.) /Cyber School Students/Home School/Early Release/Late Arrival

Due to safety and supervision considerations, students who do not have a scheduled GHHS class are not allowed to remain on campus. These students are asked to have a copy of their schedule with them at all times. If you do not drive, your parent is responsible for transporting you to and from school in “off hours”. Students are responsible to stay up‐to‐date on school activities, announcements, and changes to the daily schedule. GHHS daily announcements are available online as well as on Parent Portal.

Theft Warning

With the increasing popularity of iPods, cell phones and other electronic gadgets we are seeing an increase of them on the school grounds. With this also comes the increase in thefts of these items. Most of these thefts can be easily prevented by the student taking a few extra precautions. First, the student must make sure that they keep their personal property with them at all times. If this is not possible, then the student should secure their property in their lockers (this would include their personal lockers and the lockers provided for them in P.E. class.) These lockers must be secured and locked. Lost or stolen property is not the responsibility of the school. However, if you experience a loss due to theft contact the security office and make a report.


All visitors must sign in at the main office. Due to liability and safety concerns, GHHS does not allow student visitors during the day (7:00am‐2:00pm). Those wanting to meet with a teacher must make prior arrangements with that teacher.