High School

Friday, April 28, 2017


Unity College from Unity, Maine will be visiting Gig Harbor High School Friday, April 28th at 10:30 am. Unity College's focus is on Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. Come to the Career Center to hear more about the college, the scholarships, and the chance to win a trip to Maine.

Coach of the Year Nominations Remember to pick up your Coach of the Year nomination forms in the athletic office! They're due by May 1st!

Seniors, Seniors, Seniors! Listen up. This is an important announcement regarding who will be your Student COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER at graduation in June. Some of you weren't able to make the meeting yesterday, so the door is still open to submit a speech! If you know someone who would represent the senior class well, who can write and speak with confidence, and be a voice for the class of 2017, please encourage him or her to submit a speech to Mrs. Kennedy-Floyd by MONDAY of next week! We will let you know when the next round of presentations will be. Grad. speakers please apply! Submit a draft of your graduation speech to Mrs. Kennedy-Floyd on Monday!

Mr. Gig Harbor Pageant The time to sign up for Mr. Gig Harbor is ending soon! Who is going to be crowned People's Choice, 2017 King, and 2018 King? Sign up with the packets on the leadership door! Packets are due Friday.

Last Day to buy your Earth Day shirts is today!

Today is the last day of Earth Week. Environmental conservation is critical to maintaining a healthy planet, and it is estimated that in one hundred years, not a single rain forest will remain. If this occurs, mass extinction could occur and threaten the livelihood of indigenous cultures. It is our generation's responsibility to save what is left, so do your part in protecting Mother Nature and Planet Earth as a whole. Also, be sure to recycle your aluminum cans at lunch with the GHECO booth! Come to GHECO on Wednesdays after school in Room 309! Thank you for celebrating Earth Week with GHECO!

Lost and Found If you lost a fit bit, please come to the main office to claim it. We also have a set of beat headphones.