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Worksite Learning

If you have a job, and would like to earn high school credit for working, you have come to the right place! For every 180 hours of paid work experience, you can earn a .5 semester credit (this is about 10-12 hours per week). Up to 360 hours per school year may be earned (1.0 total). This credit can go towards either your CTE or elective credit requirement. Your job must be with an approved employer that meets safety requirements, have a minor work permit, etc. Must be age 16+. The grade is Pass/Fail.

Your work hours are documented by submitting a copy of your official pay records which show the pay period, name of business, and hours. These hours count as your "attendance". It is very important that you submit a copy of your pay record(s) each month in a timely manner. If you receive them weekly, or twice a month, you can submit "as you go", or wait until the month is over and submit early the following month - just don't delay too long and try to get them in all at the end of the semester. I will be unable to count those hours retroactively; I need to record your "attendance" each month.

Currently, I would like you to submit everything through Schoology. You will be able to find everything there once this course is added to your schedule.  Either your counselor or I can add Work Site Learning to your schedule once you make the request. 

Here is a little "housekeeping" to get started....

Provide your employer/supervisor contact information by completing this form:

Before we can start counting your hours, I need to get a signed Student Learning Agreement in place from you. This gives me your permission to reach out to your supervisor. Print, Sign, and upload this agreement in Schoology (you should see the WSL folder once this has been added to your schedule).

Give your supervisor the heads-up that I will be reaching out to them. We will identify learning goals for you on the Student Learning Plan.  You will be evaluated on a Satisfactory scale (Pass/Fail). 

If you are under age 18, I will need a copy of the Parent/School Authorization form. Your employer should have this on file, but refer to the link if it needs to be updated. 

New Learning Agreements need to be completed each time you start a new semester, and go for another .5 credit, OR if you switch employers​.​ Please communicate with me right away if you do this as I will need to set up appointments to meet with any new employer.

I look forward to working with you!

Ms. Nyberg, WSL Coordinator
GHHS Career Center

Student Learning Agreement

Learning Plan & Evaluation Sheet

Parent/School Authorization Form