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Parent Presentations

Senior Parent Night - 10/3/19
(Class of 2020)
Wings vs. Strings

Outgoing Tide Night Slide Presentation- 4/9/19
(Class of 2020)
Online Resources
Wings vs. Strings

Incoming Tides Night Parent Presentation- 3/28/19
(Class of 2023)

Incoming Freshman Presentation - Week of March 18th, 2019
The GHHS Career Counselor visited Goodman and Kopachuck middle schools, and distributed an Incoming Freshman Packet, along with a course catalog, to prepare for registration. They are encouraged to review these materials and draft a schedule for when the counseling team comes to do registration (week of April 1st). Must be logged into the PSD portal to access: Incoming Freshman Packet 2023

Dual Credit Presentation - 2/28/19
For parents and students looking for more information about advanced placement (AP), running start, college in the high school, and dual credit.

August New Parent & Student Presentation

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